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Shine begins: things are happening….

So, things are off and running here at Shine. After what might diplomatically be called ‘teething troubles’ at the front desk, everyone is in and sessions kicked off virtually on time. There’s a real buzz currently in the Future Cafe where Nick Jankel-Elliott of Disruptive Social Innovators is holding court….and here in the Marketplace, We Inspire Others are doing a leaders workshop touching on emotional intelligence and different types of leadership skills (and traits).

Some people made it about as far as the Snug on the first floor and sat down to have a chat and a read, while others were most keen to “find the coffee”. These are my kind of people, and I’m joining them where the caffeine takes me.

Next up, I’m running a session on ‘how and why to blog’ in the Pharmacy. It’s web 2.0 medicine, people. Here’s the slideshow for you:

shine shine2008

The sun is Shine-ing

All set and ready to roll now for Shine 2008; tickets have been going like the proverbial hot cakesm, and I’m laden with technological equipment, only some of which I have any idea how to use.
Along with David Wilcox, Paul Henderson and others, we’ll be attempting to capture what’s happening at the event through video, blog posts etc. If you’re blogging or uploading photos in Flickr or whatever, just tag it with shine2008 (or #shine2008 on twitter) and you’ll join the conversation.
It’s a beautiful day: so let’s start the fun!

Twitter and shout

Shine logoFirst post on the new reporting space for the Shine Unconference and just to let everyone know that the key tag is shine2008 which you can use on flickr, delicious et al, as well as following updates on http://twitter.com/shine2008. See the Get Involved page to find out how you can contribute to this space.

We’ll also be finding the best ways to link across to the various Shine 2008 groups on different social networking sites….