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Videoboo now a free download

I’m a huge fan of Videoboo, which enables you to create a videobooth on your desktop or laptop. I’ve been trialing with great success at events, courtesy of Mark Rock and Matt Waring at Bestbefore Media, as you can see in posts here. They have now made a free download available here. It will upload to a general YouTube account – videoboodemo. Personalised versions coming soon. Mac only.

Two social reporting tools – Qik and Videoboo

As you can see on an earlier post here, I’ve had great fun using Videoboo on my Macbook, which gives me an incredibly easy way of interviewing people with the built-in webcam. One click to start recording, one to preview, and one to send the result straight to YouTube.

Here above is a demo of Videoboo shot on my other bit of favourite socialreporting kit, a Nokia N82 mobile phone using Qik to stream video straight to the web. You get your own Qik page, and can also embed the video in your blog post as I have here.

The slight problem with the phone is that the audio isn’t great in noisy situations, and there’s been some discussion about how to fix that with an external mic. It helps to add a tripod for stability or table top recording.

As you can see in the video here I’ve found a cradle – available online here – although I haven’t yet got the external mic connection fixed.

I think that the secret of socialreporting is finding ways to avoid ending up with loads of video that you have to edit, compress and upload.

The great advantage of both Videoboo and Qik is that once you’ve shot the video it is straight up online. With both you can keep videos private after upload until you are ready to go public.

Videoboo has an additional advantage in interviewing people – it isn’t in your face, like a camera. People are intruiged by the set up, and take control as they type in their name and then decide to record, and if they are happy, upload the result. Lloyd Davis really brought this home to me in an interview here.

More here from Mark Rock and Matt Waring of Best Before Video, who developed Videoboo.

Launching 2gether09 with lots of Videoboo

Last night at The Hub, Kings Cross, Steve Moore, curator of 2gether08, soft-launched this year’s digital festival with a taster of what’s planned. There’ll be more detail early next year, with a series of meetups and online activities through which people can pitch ideas for what they want to contribute. Steve’s plea: make it fresh. No chance for recycled content.

I took along my current favourite social reporting tool, which is a portable videobooth on a Macbook. Well, Videoboo actually, as you can see here in previous use on an iMac at Chain Reaction.

More on Videoboo in a moment. First here’s Steve with a preview of his presentation, above. (as the evening progressed I got better at staying out of the frame) read more »

What works for nonprofits on the Net

Last night we had another great Net Tuesday meetup in London, this time looking at what online tools work in what situations for nonprofit organisations. It was organised by Amy Sample Ward, who I interviewed a couple of months back about her plans to bring the mainly-US Netsquared activities to the UK.

The session last night certainly worked well, with groups first looking at blogs, Twitter, bookmarking, videos and the like, and then pooling their finding. I asked Amy for a roundup at the end, which you can see above. read more »