Explaining to London's Deputy Mayor how mapping can help connect Londoners and #reclaimourspaces

As I reported earlier in the this update, I’ve been working with community groups and networks to develop ideas for a more networked approach to support for London’s civil society.
Last week I was able to pitch some of those ideas, developed with Drew Mackie,  to Deputy Mayor Matthew Ryder QC. There’s a full report here on the Connecting Londoners blog, together with background on the Reclaim Our Spaces campaign who organised the event.
We produced a poster summarising why we believe network connections are needed at different levels.

This week I and others will be pitching at an RSA Ideas event. There we’ll explain further how we’ve been working with the Our Way Ahead initiative to map London networks.
Our idea is that we should run a participatory process to co-design the way in which different levels of networks can join up with the proposed London hub. Background here and more in a further post.

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