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Planning video reporting at an event – or sometime not

There’s increasing interest among event organisers in using short video interviews to capture conversations in workshops, as well as featuring keynote speakers and panelists. Good news for social reporters, if like me you do that sort of thing.

But as the enthusiasm increases – and recording becomes simpler – things can get out of hand. I’ve had organisers suggest that the most democratic way to gather content is to shoot lots of video and then edit out the key points later. I certainly know that can be a nightmare … but I thought I would check my experience and share some ideas on the best approach with Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films when we met up the other day at the Third Sector Social Media Convention.

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Giving facilitators the Flip

Carrying out interviews and capturing informal conversations on video at an event is a useful way of creating a record … but can it be used to enhance the discussions as well? After my experience last week with an event run by the Innovation Exchange, I’m convinced that it can. read more »

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MyBnk, The Hunger Project and other stories

Great, laidback vibe around the building today: lots of one-to-one sessions and conversations taking place. I bumped into Lily Lapenna of MyBnk in the Snug and chatted about CSR, Ashoka and other things. It’s a great project, so check out the website: financial awareness and understanding is such a key life skill, and initiatives like this will be key in making it happen.

Also seen quite a few SSE Fellows: Jo Dempster, Winnie Williams, Tom Bulman, Will Rogers and others; great to see them all here. I’ve been trying to broker them to some particularly interesting sessions and areas; where else could you get innovation thoughts from NESTA, bespoke advice from What If?!, planning from Ashoka….all for £20 a day. Bargain.

Currently Tom is talking in front of me to Patrick Moore from the Hunger Project, who’s speaking hugely passionately about the need to empower men and women in developing countries. Patrick’s just suggested that I link to their new video, so watch it here. What I totally agree with Patrick about is the need to stop seeing people as ‘beneficiaries’ and see them as potential leaders, as authors of their own solutions. Very much in line with the messages SSE gives out about people in the UK and beyond: social entrepreneurs often come from the communities they’re aiming to serve (and the problems they contain).

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A movie studio in your pocket

As I researched (in a haphazard sort of way) the ins and outs of videoblogging I came across Rupert Howe at twittervlog, admired his use of a mobile phone, and noted with some anxiety that he was soon to move from London to Vancouver. Could we fit in a brain-picking meeting?

Fortunately Rupert turned up at the Tuttle Club yesterday, so I was able to chat about his experiences with video, and capture a bit. My son Dan is currently figuring out how to sync my N82 with an eeepc running Ubuntu (just to keep up with the geeks), so I used my Sanyo Xacti. Still need to figure out the best external mic to improve the audio … but then, that’s more kit to carry.

As Rupert said, the delight of using a mobile phone is that it is like having a movie studio in your pocket. You can capture the moment. When not streaming live with something like Qik, Rupert recommended editing shots on the phone and then emailing up to blip.tv. He also suggested using WordPress themes from showinabox.tv. Thanks, Rupert, see you on Twitter.

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Videos from Social Innovation Camp

I’ve spent the last couple of days dropping in and out of Social Innovation Camp, and it ended today with a well-deserved win for Enabled by Design – described here in its earlier stages. I’ve posted the videos I shot over here … but unfortunately something gave out before I caught the winners. There will be an official video, so nothing is lost.

I was experimenting using Qik to stream straight fromphone to web, and it worked pretty well, except that I can’t embed videos here because WordPress.com only allow that from YouTube and similar sites. I can, in theory, upload from Qik to YouTube but I’m having problems with that too.

Struggling with these trivial glitches just brought home to me again what an amazing experience the Camp was, with tech and non-tech innovators working over two days to get projects developed and, in some cases, working online in prototype.

I’ll write more when I’ve collected my thoughts. Meanwhile do take a look at Paul Birch and Paul Miller reflecting on whether it is possible to innovate within existing organisations as effectively. You can guess the answer … and I agree.

Update: The Guardian’s Bobbie Johnson has done a brilliant job blogging the camp over here.