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News of an Innovation Hub for Big-Good Society (and much else)

Details of the government Innovation Hub, which I trailed the other day, have emerged sooner than I expected with news from Rewired State of an event in mid-November.
“Weekend for developers who want to work on challenges and solutions put forward through the Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is a virtual innovation space launching early October 2010, that brings together digital innovators, investors, service users and government decision makers to discuss, shape and build radical new digital solutions to social challenge.
“Developers have the option to contribute to solutions gaining backing and popularity through innovation hub or to post a brand new solution against a challenge area.” read more »

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Media coaches game a digital neighbourhood

I’m at the EuroMeduc conference in Bellaria, Italy, which is proving a great opportunity to meet a range of teachers, researchers, librarians and policy people interested in media literacy … which is helping people gain access, understand and use different media.

I’m contributing by running a couple of workshops using a version of the social media game developed earlier in the year with Ed Klute, who runs a network for media coaches around Europe. The coaches work part time in schools, libraries, and public services including police and health to help their colleagues use Internet tools and other social media. They are at the sharp end of media literacy – as Ed says, it no good having lots of policy and programmes if people in the classroom can’t deliver. First-hand support may be better than courses. read more »

Free download of Social by Social book

The Social by Social handbook written by Amy Sample Ward, Andy Gibson, me, and Nigel Courtney and Professor Clive Holtham of Cass Business School got a really nice mention from Craig Newmark (as in Craigslist) in no less than the HuffingtonPost.

Hey, if you’re interested in using social media in your organization, and you should be, Social by Social: A practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact is the real deal.

Its focus really is on how to get your organization really using the stuff, looking at practical measures like getting buy-in from the top and the bottom.

As I wrote earlier, we launched at Reboot Britain with a web version, but you can now download  a pdf of the whole 275 pages for free. Once you’ve done that, and skimmed through, I’m sure you’ll be convinced it is worth ordering a copy for £9.99. Sometime print is, well, more of a pleasure to read, and there’s a lot there. Download and ordering here.

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Social by Social book launched. And content is free.

We had a terrific launch of the Social by Social Handbook – previously trailed here – at the Reboot Britain event earlier this week. I’m only just catching up on all the connections made, and will post something more thoughtful later.
Meanwhile the content of the book about how to use Social Technology for Social Benefit – some 275 pages of it – is all available here on a holding site. You can order the print version, and we’ll shortly have pdfs to download. It’s all Creative Commons so you can freely use and remix the content.
The book was funded by NESTA, and written by Amy Sample Ward, Andy Gibson, me, and Nigel Courtney and Professor Clive Holtham of Cass Business School.
You can find out more on our blog, where there’s a report of the play of the Social by Social game. This time we were Saving Slaghampton.

Join us for the Social by Social Game at Net Tuesday

If you are in London on June 2 evening with a couple of hours to spare, and an enthusiasm for exploring how to use social technology for social benefit, join us for a run of the Social by Social Game at Net Tuesday.

As organiser Amy Sample Ward explains here:

The Social by Social game is a fun session to help people explore how social technology can be used for social benefit: whether that’s by a nonprofit, a social innovation startup, within a neighbourhood, or across a community. We’ll invent some of those places, then challenge each other in groups to develop plans using a pack of specially-developed cards and other props. It will be a mix of collaboration and competition that should give you lots of practical ideas that you can use in your own projects.

We facilitated a version of this game recently at SHINE09 and have put our heads together to continue making the game better and better.   Here’s how a version of the game ran at SHINE09.

read more »

45 provocative propositions about using social technology

Over the past few months I’ve been working on and off with co-authors Andy Gibson, Amy Sample Ward, and Clive Holtham and Nigel Courtney of Cass Business School, (since rebranded as Bayes Business School) on a book about how we can use social technologies for social benefit.
It’s going to be called Social by Social: a practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact and it should be published and distributed by NESTA next month.
There’s case studies, a sort of routemap for planning and starting projects, lots of how-tos and an A-Z of key terms.
Amidst the serious stuff we wanted something a little provocative to get conversations started, and I think it was Andy who suggested something a bit Cluetrain Manifesto. That was the book 10 years ago with 95 theses at its heart, the first of which was “Markets are conversations”. I laboured on a messy first draft, others chipped in, and Andy turned it all into something really useful, as you can see here. read more »