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Funder NESTA tells community projects: cut the paperwork, blog your reports

I’ve been catching up with the Neighbourhood Challenge programme that was launched last year by NESTA and Big Lottery to support innovative work by community groups in 17 locations around the country. They were chosen from 600 applicants, so I think we can expect to see some interesting developments.
Often the problem with these big agency funded programmes is that they are launched with a flourish in London, and after that it is difficult to see what’s going on until a long evaluation report emerges that may or may not give many insights into what really happened. By then things have moved on, and the chance to share lessons has been lost.
In between, local people and agency staff have probably been too caught up with reporting procedures to tell the stories that might interests the outside world … or even local people. There may be an unwillingness to open up on how they tackled problems in case that doesn’t play well with the funders. read more »

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Dutch show the way in neighbourhood screens

While I was at the Media4Me 2010 conference in Holland recently I met Chris Kwant who is Senior Policy Adviser ICT and Media Affairs to The Hague municipal council. Over the past four years Chris has directed development of a unique system that allow local organisations to display news, announcements and videos on large screens in the street or shops. Once organisations are approved with a login, they can publish whatever they like, without control from the council. Different content can be distributed to different screens among the 170 in the city. read more »

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Nick Booth of @podnosh blogs #hyperlocal for the BBC

I’ve just caught up with Nick Booth’s blog on BBC online about very local web sites. Nick deserves the space, from his track record over the past few years of podcasting the stories of active citizens, setting up innovative social media projects, and running social media surgeries. More at http://podnosh.com.
He observes that “making media about people is a great way to establish relationships. Through interviewing people for a podcast two things happened, I established stronger relationships with them, but they also started connecting with each other. The simple idea of understanding each other better and, to a degree, sharing a platform.”

read more »

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Neighbourhood activists prepare for cuts with "pay what you can" event

Good to see people who work in the front line of social action and local renewal gearing up to respond quickly to the changes that will hit work at neighbourhood level, whatever Government we have after May 6.
The National Association for Neighbourhood Management has a spring conference on May 12, and has switched pricing to “Pay what you can afford”, starting at £20. Booking here. read more »