Our first year exploring how to make London a more Networked City

Over the past year I’ve worked with Drew Mackie, Matt Scott and a host of other people on an exploration into how we can use network thinking, digital tech and self-organising to support London civil society.

Our aim is to help introduce innovative ideas and practice into The Way Ahead official plans for the new Hub for London, following closure of the umbrella body for some 120,000 groups, networks and charities.

We have set up the Connecting Londoners group, and collaborated with Our Way Ahead, a network of London networks and community groups promoting community-based approaches to support systems.

Our biggest event recently was a simulation game workshop at London Metropolitan University where we heard about current plans for support systems focussed on the Hub; adopted roles from concerned citizen to network leader and council officer; reviewed challenges and ideas from a consultant’s report; developed further ideas, and then chose methods and actions to carry them out.

The main idea to emerge from the workshop was developing a Community of Practice for people who want to take forward our ideas. We’ve combined that idea with others from The Way Ahead, and we are now discussing where next with the advisory group for the Hub, of which I’m a member.

I’ll continue blogging about Networked City at Connecting Londoners.

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