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How social reporters can help turn old-style conferences into the new convening spaces

I’m delighted to find there’s increasing interest in social reporting around events … which may start with an enquiry about how to capture some video interviews, but can lead to a discussion about how an organisation may network with its members, clients or customers.
Over the past year I’ve had a lot of fun using standard video cameras, mobile phones to stream video to the web, videoboos on a laptop, giving Flips to facilitators, and blogging before, at and after events. You’ll find a series of posts here.
Bev Trayner and I were fortunate to work together last year on a European community of practice and major event in Lisbon which gave us the chance to develop a first-draft socialreporting toolkit, which Bev offers for download here. There’s also a work-in-progress wiki here. read more »