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Ad hoc enquiries into how to do good stuff together

When faced with the challenge of helping people tackle new projects it is tempting to offer up a set of case studies, ideas for action, latest innovations in the field, backed up by “if you want to do this, here’s how to”.

But does that work? Somehow case studies aren’t quite like your situation, and while innovations and ideas may be inspirIng, can they be applied? Howtos are fine … once you know what you want to do.

In practice, new projects usually take a lot of thinking through, and wandering about, before you can get to the timelines and action points. Lively conversation with like-minded people is often the best way to clarify and keep your spirits up, if you can find them.

That’s why I love Tessy Britton’s latest new thing, as an ideal follow up to the Community Lovers Guides (themselves far more engaging stories of practical enthusiasm than most case studies) and the Skills Game , showing we can often do more than we think we can. read more »