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Guest post: ideas generation gone comedic

Post from UnLtdWorld‘s Nicola Jones:

So after a thoroughly inspiring “big sheep little sheep” game, I find myself sat in the corner of the Hub with Dave Dawes, Sam Beinhacker and Lucy Wood thinking about the “yes and ” model..the idea that you stop rubbishing other peoples ideas and building on them..

Best way to put this in motion?…ACTION! So we start off with Dave’s Idea of creating an off-license with sells organic beer, but also encourages less alcohol consumption..okay so what next? Well Sam suggests the off-license has AA-sessions…ok so where from there? well ever the alcoholic(!) I suggest we also add in a “recovery and dry out centre” to the centre, which helps people recover from long nights out…so Lucy what can you add…well she reckons the now centre, also has a minibus that goes out to schools in the area and teaches them about responsible consumption of alcohol…so now we’re into education..not enough! says Dave…the minibus will simulate the “ministry of sound” for young people but without alcohol…teaching them it isn’t the be all and end all..

You see where you get?! Love SHINE – its all about these random conversations which inspire whole new ways of thinking..

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Saturday morning: creativity and collaboration

Sitting here, listening to WhatIf? get everyone going this morning. Writing down our barriers to creativity on a bit of paper, scrunching it up and throwing it at them was strangely satisfying. Enjoyed that. And I like the Vicky Pollard device of “yeah but, no but” to test ideas….seeking objections etc.

Meanwhile, upstairs, the Social Collaboration Game is being prepared in what looks like a very serious darkened corner room. Looks like the Gorbachev-Reagan summit from down here on the ground floor.

Good crowd in today, and a good, relaxed vibe. Check out the photos on flickr (shine09’s the tag). Finest example of collaboration this morning was the WhatIf-UnLtdWorld-SSE breakfast; coffees, savoury and pastries. Simple but effective, and with a practical outcome. That’ll be the vibe of the day, I reckon.