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Apps for Good: smartphones solving local problems

Young people looking for jobs and new skills … community problems needing innovative solutions … smartphones increasingly popular … apps for these phones a big growth area. Why not mix those elements and create a new project Apps for Good? Which is exactly what CDI launched last week, with a big grant from Dell.
Is this just another social-media-will-solve-our social-problems dream? After some great conversations at the launch, I think there’s more to it than that.
I’ve been following with great interest the research undertaken to Iris Lapinski to see how CDI could bring the digital inclusion work they started in 1995 in Latin America to the UK. Their mission is:

… to transform lives and strengthen low-income communities by empowering people with information and communication technology. We use technology as a medium to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and create a new generation of changemakers. read more »