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Podcast about blogs from Shine is up

Dave Dawes, of Entreprenurses fame, has posted up his podcast of bloggers talking about blogging (and a bit about twittering) at Shine 2008. It features not only myself (the most incoherent / inaudible of all the participants) but also a range of other blogging advocates and sceptics, and covers, amongst many other things:

  • Meeting and networking with people via their blog
  • Making time for creating and following blogs
  • How blogs can raise the profile of your social enterprise
  • The role of blog comments and blog readership
  • Corporate vs personal/informal blogging styles
  • How to start blogging (typepad, wordpress, etc)
  • Check out and download the podcast here.

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    Blogs, libraries and conversations

    Nick being interviewed by smallbizpodOK, back in the zone: delivered my session on how and why to blog, which went well, with a good mix of established bloggers (step forward Dave Dawes and Rob Greenland), possible bloggers, and those who were coming not knowing a lot. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow and Sunday….no doubt it will improve.

    In other news: had some good conversations in various snugs and nooks and crannies. Learnt about a project called BodyGossip, about what a ‘library of needs’ is (photo to follow), and with the ever engaging and knowledgable Jason Mollring from SE squared (South East Social Enterprise Networks). And my colleague Ian Baker has arrived from SSE…and arrived with coffee.

    And, breaking news, just been interviewed by Alex Bellinger from SmallBizPod, who’s going to be putting up a podcast in a couple of weeks’ time, which is great: I know Alex has a big and loyal audience on iTunes, so that should help spread the word.

    More soon.