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Social reporters (and anyone else) as social artists

I’ve come away from the Powering a New Future conference in Lisbon with three interlocking reflections on developing the concept and practice of social reporting – and a new conclusion about what it means to be a social reporter.

My conclusion, inspired by Etienne Wenger – above – is that social reporters can aspire to be “social artists” who help create social learning spaces where people can work together on social issues. It’s something anyone can do, with the right attitude and some skills, but I think social reporters should definitely make it a key part of their work. read more »

Reflections on social reporting an event

After a couple of days social reporting at a conference in Lisbon, my co-reporters Bev Trayner, Josien Kapma and I decided we should turn the camera on ourselves and reflect on what worked well – or didn’t. read more »

Reporting socially from sunny Lisbon

I’m in Lisbon this week, where my Portugal-based friend and co-social reporter Bev Trayner has brought me into her small team reporting an event celebrating eight years of the European EQUAL programme. It’s called Powering a New Future, and you can see the blog we are developing here. read more »