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Democracy in learning at KnowHow NonProfit: request your own course

There were inspirational keynotes and a wealth of instructive workshops at the Third Sector Social Media Convention this week – and also some interesting offerings from exhibitors.

I stopped for a chat at the KnowHow NotProfit stand with head of operations Linden Muirhead, and multimedia content manager Cristina Tiberian. Their site is an enormous repository of useful content covering – among other things – leadership, funding, campaigns and organisational development. There’s even Millcaster Tales, “the voluntary sector’s very own non profit soap opera”.

However the site isn’t just in the business of telling people what they ought to knowhow to do – it is also responding to requests from people with specific learning needs in their Study Zone. read more »

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Videos from 3rd sector social media convention

I spent today at the Third Sector Social Media Convention, and as you can see from the programme it was back-to-back keynotes and workshops, so I didn’t have a lot of time for video. Or maybe I just found it more interesting to listen and network than interupt people with a camera.

However, I took my iPad 2 along to see if it would be an improvement on the iPhone 3gs I usually use. In some ways yes: once I worked out how to hold it up without blocking my view of the other person while still be able to look at the screen it was steadier to hold and higher resolution. iMovie is amazingly good for trimming and fast export. Upload to YouTube is simple.

One big problem was audio. I thought I could just use the Griffin headphone extension that has a mic, as I do with my iPhone … but as you can hear it doesn’t seem to work to cut out background noise with the iPad. In one of the breaks I had a fascinating chat with Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films (fourth video) and we used one of their powered mics … but listening afterwards I don’t think it by-passed the built in mic. read more »