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How we can all engage with the London Summit. Digitally, anyway

The London Summit in April, when Gordon Brown is joined by Barack Obama to host a gathering of world leaders, finance ministers and central bankers, attracts some cynical comments from the Telegraph, in depth coverage from the FT, and police warnings of protests in a summer of rage.
However, these days we don’t have to rely on mainstream media for news and interpretation. Steph Gray rightly applauds the efforts being made by the governmental hosts, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to provide a range of content from their own news, blogging, YouTube videos, and tagging of debate elsewhere. Steph says:

In the emerging field of digital engagement for policymaking, this seems to be doing a lot right: a hub for news, early planning, serious resource invested original content (but not much new money thrown at technology), partnerships with innovative forums for debate, a strategy for engagement designed to work at the level of professionals as well as the public, and measurement.

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