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West End Debut for the (Plastic) Baglady

Social innovation can be simple, and singular … at least at the outset.

Shirley Lewis had been a journalist and broadcaster, had practised acupuncture and homeopathy before her concern for the environment led her to the simple – if personally challenging – idea of the Baglady. Not a carry-all-your-possessions-in-bags sort-of baglady, but a Plastic Baglady.

In order to highlight the problems of litter and waste, first in Australia and then in her native Ireland, Shirley dressed up in plastic bags and adopted an ASAP lifestyle. That’s As Sustainable As Possible. From that¬† flowed lots of appearances, films and – coming soon – a play. In this video the Baglady visits Cookstown. More here at Baglady Productions, and on blip.tv. read more »