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Digital barn raising ideas and rumours of a new champion at RSA seminar

I’ve blogged a long piece over here about today’s Digital Inclusion and Social Capital seminar at the RSA, ending with ideas for a sort-of travelling circus of geeks and community developers to help with digital barn raising in local areas. If you are interested, please drop a comment there … or even better please do join the digital engagement network and post your own ideas. Tim Davies live blogged over here.
Tim’s social reporting duty meant I could wander about and listen out at lunch for the rumour that Martha Lane Fox, founder of Lastminute.com, will shortly be announced as the Digital Champion to promote the Government’s Digital Inclusion agenda. Earlier details of the post here. That’s not the same as the Director of Digital Engagement, where appointment of Civil Servant Andrew Stott produced mixed reactions.
My tweets of the rumour produced “who?” and “nice person, but hardly the first name that comes to mind when thinking about digital inclusion.”
If confirmed, I think Martha could be fun … adding some zest to a field that can be a bit earnest and bureaucratic (apart from my good friends and clients at UK online centres of course:-).