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Playing through the Hardwired State

Paul Clarke has an intruiging idea on how to build a bridge for the innovative ideas that are generated through initiatives like Rewired State, Reboot Britain, and Show Us a Better Way into the real world of public service production. In Hardwired State he suggests taking a few great ideas and playing through a simulation with a bunch of people who know all the angles. “Fantasy project manangement”. May have to wait until after the election – or could it be a way to inform the pre-election discussion already starting?

Making social reporting an OpenBusiness

The UKgovcamp event on Saturday gave me a chance to extend social reporting practice by making interviews, and hosting a session, an integral part of an open research and ideas-generation process within a project. It’s a nudge towards an OpenBusiness approach.
The project is working with Consumer Focus to explore how to involve users in the design and development of digital public services. As explained here, we are using the SocialbySocial online community to start research and discussion leading up to a workshop. We’ll report that and develop the campaign for user-involvement promised in their earlier report on Directgov. read more »

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Tories would favour smaller firms for public service contracts

A Tory government, if elected this year, would adopt a post-bureacratic approach and change procurement policies for public service to enable smaller firms to bid, according to Stephan Shakespeare. This could produce a “golden age” for entrepreneurship. He was speaking at the Entrepreneurship Country conference. More here from event organiser Julie Meyer.