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Asking the Alice question after Amplified08

If you are around London, and interested in new/social/creative/digital media, it seems that barely a day passes without the chance to go to a free or low cost event and network with others of similar interests. The landscape is getting crowded, and as you see many of the same faces at different events you might wonder if there could be a more effective way of networking.

This occurred to Toby Moores (above) and friends, so they got together and organised Amplified08 last week, hosted by NESTA. I’ve quoted below from the first newsletter explaining how Amplified aims to build towards a nationwide event, or series of events, involving up to 10,000 people. That’s the potential power of networking networks. But is “more” enough? Do we also need to know why, and towards what? I’ll come to the Alice question later. read more »