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How a good one-liner beats a superlist of tips

I’m currently researching barriers to the adoption of social media for a book, and at the same time working on a couple of jobs helping organisations think through how to use online tools for membership services and other projects. It reminds me that while I may think this blog-wiki-Twitter stuff is wonderfully useful, empowering, energising and so on, it is still a minority enthusiasm for social activists, nonprofits and public servants. How to explain, what to suggest? read more »

Planning use of social media? Just jump in

One of the most rewarding projects I’ve done this year has also been one of the simplest: helping create a blog and video for Silver Surfers with Emma Solomon and the team at Digital Unite. It’s provided me with new insights into how best to help people and organisations adopt social media. As Emma now says, just jump in. read more »