What I can offer

Most of my work these days is around writing blogs, shooting video, recording audio interviews, developing online communities, setting up web sites … and helping organisations and individuals do that for themselves.

However, in the past I’ve been a journalist, a workshop facilitator, and consultant in community engagement. I’ve helped set up regeneration partnerships and centres to support small business, and written guides to organisational development. I’ve outlined recent projects here, and you can see my CV here.

What I really enjoy is working with colleagues and clients on practical ways to use a mix of different communication methods, online and face-to-face, to help people collaborate better. For example I can:

  1. Just have a chat about any of these topics, and other matters you’ll find covered in posts on this blog.
  2. Undertake a structured exploration around an issue, like those you can see here for Big Lottery Fund, Nominet Trust and others.
  3. Help you plan, over time, how to use social media within your organisation or for communication and collaboration with others.
  4. Organise, or help you organise, social reporting before, at and after an event. More on my blog about that, including a free guide.

Do drop me an e-mail, or give me a call. I live/work in central London.

David Wilcox
+44  7970 621696

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