Recent projects fall into several categories, in line with social reporting as making sense, joining up and helping out. Here’s how the idea of social reporting started, and me talking about it. My background and earlier work here.

Drew Mackie and I are now bringing together social reporting and work on games and networks in a Living Lab >

Our main current Living Lab project is an exploration into how innovations, enabled by digital technology, can help support personal well being, and services for ageing better. More here >

Open explorations – mixing online research, blogging and crowdsourcing of ideas with events.

Workshop games, books and resource kits

Reporting events

  • Lots of blogging, tweeting, video, audio to help events expand beyond the room, and be part of a process of wider engagement. These ranged big events like Chain Reaction and a social innovation conference in Lisbon, to a one-day sessions for the Innovation Exchange where we helped facilitators integrate video into table discussions.


Over the past few years other projects have included:

I worked with Simon Berry to develop The Membership Project which aims to explore how social media and other drivers for change will impact on associations, nonprofits and other groups that serve members or look to them for support. We received initial funding from NCVO and RSA, and you can see more recent development here.

I hope that skimming posts on this socialreporter blog – and dipping back into the earlier Designing for Civil Society – gives an idea of my activities.  In the past I’ve done lots on community engagement and regeneration partnerships, and written some books on that which you’ll find here as free downloads.

See here for more on the services that I offer, and here for a CV.

David Wilcox

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