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How anyone can be a social (video) reporter

One of the delights of SHINE09 for me was to find so many more people this year using video to capture some great conversations, and show the potential of social media first hand. One of those was Felix Gonzales of Youandiskills who was, in effect, creating an archive of the event as part of his mission to use video to inspire and help people share ideas. I showed Felix my use of audio recording with the Audioboo iPhone app.


I then bumped into Angela Dove, who I had been talking to a few weeks before about use of video in her work in facilitation, and with museum, libraries and galleries. I enthused then about the use of small Flip cameras … and how they make it easy for anyone to be a social reporter. What better way to demonstrate this than than giving Angela my camera for an hour and seeing how she felt it worked? Here’s the result:

Me offering Angela the Flip video camera

Angela interviewing Harry Leckstein of Freeport records

Iris Lapinski of Zeitgeist Advisors

Johnnie Moore, facilitator

Angela reporting on her experience

I think it is fair to say that the Flip – and other similar cameras – make it really easy to carry out interviews. There’s a flip-out USB connector that makes it easy to transfer video to your computer, and upload to YouTube. There’s a bit more time involved if – as here – you want to embed the video in a blog. And even more time if you take the trouble to listen through and extract key points for the blog. I’ve skipped that bit here … but I can recommed listening to the interviews.

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Talkaoke lite

Saul Albert and his friends are running a version of their Talkaoke in the final stages of the Shine conference.

This involves a roving microphone, plus a camera and computer throwing a mix of video and snippets of text on screen. I’m shooting some video on a phone, which you will find over here.

shine shine2008 video

MyBnk, The Hunger Project and other stories

Great, laidback vibe around the building today: lots of one-to-one sessions and conversations taking place. I bumped into Lily Lapenna of MyBnk in the Snug and chatted about CSR, Ashoka and other things. It’s a great project, so check out the website: financial awareness and understanding is such a key life skill, and initiatives like this will be key in making it happen.

Also seen quite a few SSE Fellows: Jo Dempster, Winnie Williams, Tom Bulman, Will Rogers and others; great to see them all here. I’ve been trying to broker them to some particularly interesting sessions and areas; where else could you get innovation thoughts from NESTA, bespoke advice from What If?!, planning from Ashoka….all for £20 a day. Bargain.

Currently Tom is talking in front of me to Patrick Moore from the Hunger Project, who’s speaking hugely passionately about the need to empower men and women in developing countries. Patrick’s just suggested that I link to their new video, so watch it here. What I totally agree with Patrick about is the need to stop seeing people as ‘beneficiaries’ and see them as potential leaders, as authors of their own solutions. Very much in line with the messages SSE gives out about people in the UK and beyond: social entrepreneurs often come from the communities they’re aiming to serve (and the problems they contain).

Announcing the 2gether Festival

Steve Moore used the Shine conference last night to announce that Channel4 will be backing the 2gether Festival on July 2 and 3rd in London, bringing together media people, social entrepreneurs and innovators.

The name has changed from 4Good, but the aim will be the same as that trailed earlier – bringing together social entrepreurs, innovators , software dvelopers and other social media types to, well … help change the world for the better.

Steve has recently been working for Channel4 on their Next on 4 strategy to move from being a broadcaster to a digital media company. This involves the development of 4I

… a £50 million creative fund that’ll see us work with partners across the UK to kick-start a wave of investment in public service digital media.

It’s about nurturing new talent. Championing new voices and fresh perspectives. Giving people who can create the future of public service broadcasting content the tools and resources they need to do it.

The fund will be formally launched at 2gether. Steve explained that the style of the Festival will be collaborative – to stream together the many digitally-enabled social innovation projects and programmes bubbling up in London and rest of the UK, and to use the convening power of the Channel4 brand to raise the tide.
I’m somewhat biased in favour of the whole thing, since I’m a big fan of Steve and his networking activities, and I’ll be helping develop the 2gether web site, blogging and other communication activities over the next two months.
Current thinking is that we’ll start with a modest blog site, using the WordPress system developed by my friends at Ruralnet, and then start an open collaboration process to plugin technology, ideas, projects, people, network. That way we should end up with an online and offline event that has been created by the people attending, and others interested.

We do know that the event will be at the Rochelle School in East London, which itself has a fascinating history of social innovation. About half a day will be committed to the IP launch and other slightly formal activities, but rest of the programme is pretty open. Well, it was when I left Steve at Shine yesterday, though with at least half a dozen ideas already buzzing. I’m pretty sure that by the time I go back to Shine today there will be more.

However, no decisions have been made, and we should have a web site up next week to invite more ideas. I’ll do an update here … and many other places too. It’s going to be fun. As I wrote over here, there’s a really good feel about the social innovation/social media scene in London at the moment.

shine shine2008 video

Haringey connections and another moblogger

David Wilcox has been prodigiously videoing away and has been catching up with contributors and attendees alike, here Olivia talks about how she wants to make connections and take ideas back to where she works in Haringey

I’ve also caught up with another moblogger Dave Dawes, from a social enterprise which supports nurse entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in health who has already posted his impressions of the first session he went to:

Well I have finally arrived and this is definitely a very quirky event 🙂 It has the wonderfully quirky feel that large gatherings of social entrepreneurs tend to have. We have this badges with coloured spots on that would have far more use for me if it wasn’t for my colour-blindness!

Blogs away and a guest blogger!

Social reporting has got off to a great start and I’ve already met Ben Matthews (and his EeePC) who heard about Shine via Twitter (NB professional as always the video only goes to 1minute and then I forgot to switch it off, fortunately I didn’t say anything libellous, but it’s not worth watching after that!). And we’ve entered the European transfer market and signed up our first guest blogger Darragh Doyle from Ireland. Hopefully he’ll be able to blog from his lovely N95 8GB phone later. More video at Qik and photos at Flickr.

Live video – via Qik

Live video from this event will be collated at this Qik Event page, but if you bookmark this post and we are streaming you will see it live here, otherwise the latest video that has come out of our phones will appear here shortly.