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Follow the action 140 characters time

Yes, yes – Audioboo is the latest cool and trendy tool for social reporters, But let’s not forget good ol’ Twitter, eh?

There’s lots of activity from the twitterati here at #shine09 (click on the link to view the buzz), so follow these lovely people below for a taste of the action:

If I’ve missed you out and you’re tweeting from Shine09, leave a comment below and we’ll add you to the list.

Happy tweeting!

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Audioboo makes noisy reporting easy

There’s so much buzz at SHINE09 that it can be difficult to shoot informal video, so I’m using Audioboo on my iPhone and encouraging other people to try it too. All my boos here, with a few of the first embedded below.

Johnnie Moore


Cliff Prior


Pauline interview Zoe


Nick Temple


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Finding your way around Shine

Hello, Ben here.

We’re in a fantastic location here at King’s Place, with views over the canal and plenty of space to break out into sessions and meet new people.

But what if you get lost or don’t know which session to go to next?

Well, luckily there is a team of ‘unconsultants’ on hand to direct you to the right place and answer any questions you might have.

If you want to know what they look like, they’ll be wearing Shine Unconsultant t-shirts, as modelled here by Nic and Nick:


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Reporting from SHINE09

We’ll be blogging, posting video and Twittering from SHINE09 May 15-16 … adding to the rich mix of content you can see here from last year’s event. Meanwhile, take a look at the blog on the main conference site where Lizzie offers tasters of the great sessions – and party – planned for the two days. Here’s how you can get involved.

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Blogs, libraries and conversations

Nick being interviewed by smallbizpodOK, back in the zone: delivered my session on how and why to blog, which went well, with a good mix of established bloggers (step forward Dave Dawes and Rob Greenland), possible bloggers, and those who were coming not knowing a lot. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow and Sunday….no doubt it will improve.

In other news: had some good conversations in various snugs and nooks and crannies. Learnt about a project called BodyGossip, about what a ‘library of needs’ is (photo to follow), and with the ever engaging and knowledgable Jason Mollring from SE squared (South East Social Enterprise Networks). And my colleague Ian Baker has arrived from SSE…and arrived with coffee.

And, breaking news, just been interviewed by Alex Bellinger from SmallBizPod, who’s going to be putting up a podcast in a couple of weeks’ time, which is great: I know Alex has a big and loyal audience on iTunes, so that should help spread the word.

More soon.