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Message to leaders: let the monkeys get on with it

A while back … was it really last year? … I interviewed Jemima Gibbons about a book that she was researching on leadership, organisations, and the difference that social media is making. With talk of Web 2.0, and World 2.0, Leadership 2.0 seemed a good enough working title. As Jemima said then “… is not about personalities, it’s actually about stepping back and allowing other people to bring themselves forward.”

Last week Jemima and I met up again – appropriately enough at the Tuttle Club, where Lloyd Davis is a strong exponent of letting the members make things up for themselves. We aren’t really members, just whoever turns up on Friday morning. It works, even when the club loses its home, as you can see here. People rally round with new ideas. read more »

How a good one-liner beats a superlist of tips

I’m currently researching barriers to the adoption of social media for a book, and at the same time working on a couple of jobs helping organisations think through how to use online tools for membership services and other projects. It reminds me that while I may think this blog-wiki-Twitter stuff is wonderfully useful, empowering, energising and so on, it is still a minority enthusiasm for social activists, nonprofits and public servants. How to explain, what to suggest? read more »

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Could blogging bosses '08 become social artists '09?

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the RSA,  is writing about new progressivism in a series of blog posts this week. I particularly like the suggestion that he makes for greater focus on political ends instead of means, and a shift in the nature of debate. I believe that the 27,000-strong membership of the RSA could be an excellent testbed for the social artistry needed to achieve this. read more »

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Leadership 2.0: step forward the unheros

Jemima Gibbons from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

Earlier this year David Gurteen gave us a neat summary of how new online tools and attitudes (Web 2.0) are changing the way we do business, learn and socialise. World 2.0 has arrived, and requires a different mindset:

We are moving from a simple world to a rich, complex, diverse one. One where power is less centralized and more distributed. We are moving from a command and control world to a world where people can do as they please within the boundaries of responsibility.

David summarised World 1.0 and World 2.0 in the chart below. This is the world of both small-scale social innovation – and also new-style open, corporate innovation supported by NESTA Connect.

Jemima Gibbons spotted this a couple of years ago when lecturing at Cass Business School, and something clicked. Academics were talking about new more dispersed, distributed forms of leadership, Web 2.0 was emerging as a meme … so what we will need is Leadership 2.0. read more »