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Playing the digital neighbourhood game

I’ve been thinking recently how to help people explore the ways in which social technology can benefits local communities – when those involved may not understand what’s possible with tools and methods ranging from websites to digital storytelling, e-democracy to outdoor screens.
It’s a theme I’ve worked on for more than a decade – but recent developments like the digital mentors programme, Talk About Local, and the RSA’s emerging plans, make it particularly topical. It certainly got on airing at the recent National Digital Inclusion Conference … dashboard here.
In the past, working with Drew Mackie and others, I’ve used card-based workshop games like those here to help people play through the possibilities. It all started for me back in Brighton in 1997.
However, it took a recent trip to Holland to give me some fresh ideas about how to scale-up engaging with technology at neighbourhood level.

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Social Media Games with Moo

The Social Media Game, that I initially developed with Beth Kanter and Drew Mackie, is a great way to help people get to grips with what tools, when, where – and explore what might happen. Now Tim Davies has worked out how to develop the game cards with The game is Creative Commons licensed to make this collaborative development easier.

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Playing the fundraising game

I’m constantly amazed at how creative people can be in a small group given a clear task, a framework and a few props. Today I went along to the conference of the Institute of Fundraising Technology Group to run a session on social media. The organisers were happy when I proposed a game session – and it went really well. read more »