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Double inspiration at Chain Reaction


I had a splendid day yesterday at the Chain Reaction event, including a chance to catch up with Simon Berry and the Colalife campaign, and an opportunity to run the Social by Social game near the top of one of the office blocks in Canary Wharf. A double dose of inspiration.  I’ve posted a piece about the game over here explaining how we took as our scenario the community below us.

I’ve written quite a bit before about Colalife, as you can see here. Simon and supporters have done an amazing job of gathering support, using social media, to engage Coca Cola with the idea of using their unique distribution system to get life-saving medicines to African villages, where one in five children die before the age of five. The campaign has reached a crucial phase – and I hadn’t caught up with the fact that Simon is giving up his Civil Service job to concentrate full-time on the campaign … even though no funds are yet available.

He keynoted at the event, and then talked to me afterwards. Why the move? His reply: “I’m going to try and make this happen – I think if I don’t do it now, I’ll regret it forever”. Let’s get fundraising.

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Coming to London soon: the giant AidPod

I’ve been meaning for a couple of weeks to provide an update on the great news that Coca Cola have agreed to trials of the Colalife AidPods in their distribution system in Tanzania. I wrote earlier about Simon Berry’s campaign … and his front-line visits to distribution plants to see what might work, and help save children’s lives.

I met up with Simon today, so I pulled out my iPhone and did a quick Audioboo interview … learning in the process the likely location of the giant AidPod built in Sheffield, coming soon to London.

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Grass roots inspiration from graduating social entrepreneurs

While the world’s media and 50 top bloggers of G20voice were covering the G20 talks in London, I was at a more modest gathering of people talking about ways to tackle the social problems of the world. I think the stories I heard at the graduation day for the School for Social Entrepreneurs may have been more interesting … apart perhaps from Simon Berry’s scoop with Bob Geldorf on the Pope, Condoms and Colalife.

I first asked Nick Temple for a quick run down on the event as you can hear, and then during the tea break talked to several of the 40 social entrepreneurs who had been making presentations.

Max Graef from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

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Simon leaves ruralnet|uk – lucky Defra

Since the mid 1990s ruralnet|uk, led by Simon Berry, has been at the forefront of innovation using social media for social innovation – and not just in the countryside.

Now Simon has announced on his blog that he is moving on to take up a secondment in Government to work on Defra’s Third Sector Strategy and the new Greener Living Fund, and won’t be returning to ruralnet|uk when that ends. read more »

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Sketching the social innovation landscape

It looks as if we’ll have a socially innovative autumn in London, with more opportunities and support for people wanting to do good stuff using new (tech) stuff. Here’s what I’ve picked up recently, and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, so please add a comment with other events and activities you may know about. This round-up rather shamelessly favours my friends.

Social Innovation Camp last April gave us an inspiring and enjoyable model for developing web-enabled projects by bringing together techies and innovators for a weekend , so I’m delighted to hear from organiser Paul Miller that the team have raised funds from Nesta and the Young Foundation for two more camps and a series of monthly meetups. read more »