Update on Living Well in the Digital Age 3

My recent blogging is at mediablends.com including these posts about the Joined Up Digital initiative I’ve been working on with the Centre for Ageing Better

The @agenoretirement Festival builds on #joinedupdigital connector plans: create local community coops where #agedoesnotmatter

Ideas for connecting citizens and building local communities – developed in the Joined Up Digital initiative – moved forward significantly at The Age of No Retirement Festival yesterday.

How about new #joinedupdigital as a knowledge network, open source framework, and coop for working together

There’s no sign that any organisation will take forward the Joined Up Digital initiative for technology and older people, despite six months investment of time and/or money in the first phase by the Centre for Ageing Better, New Philanthropy Capital and Age Action Alliance. Fortunately a new option is emerging.

Looks as if @Ageing_Better #joinedupdigital may be dead after failed @BigLotteryFund bid

The JoinedUpDigitalProject, initially supported by the Centre for Ageing Better, has now heard from the Big Lottery Fund that its next stage bid has been unsuccessful.

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