Democracy in learning at KnowHow NonProfit: request your own course

There were inspirational keynotes and a wealth of instructive workshops at the Third Sector Social Media Convention this week – and also some interesting offerings from exhibitors.

I stopped for a chat at the KnowHow NotProfit stand with head of operations Linden Muirhead, and multimedia content manager Cristina Tiberian. Their site is an enormous repository of useful content covering – among other things – leadership, funding, campaigns and organisational development. There’s even Millcaster Tales, “the voluntary sector’s very own non profit soap opera”.

However the site isn’t just in the business of telling people what they ought to knowhow to do – it is also responding to requests from people with specific learning needs in their Study Zone.

As Cristina explained, you can not only buy an online video training course in the Study Zone for just £8.99, but also request development of a course to meet your requirements. KnowHow NonProfit recruits the trainers, develops the content with them, makes a recording, and publishes on site. You can get a free taste of the courses with their Write winning funding bid. That’s pretty popular – and Cristina says that in these hard time organisations are also particularly interested in strategic planning.

As I wrote here, the future of KnowHow NonProfit is uncertain, so I hope that their democratic and innovative approach to online learning provides a good basis for their own funding bids.

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