Dr Dance creates the Colalife routine. Now we can all join in

The highly successful Colalife campaign, which aims to save children’s lives in Africa by getting AidPods of medicines carried in crates of Coca-Cola, now have another tool in their promotional kit: The Colalife Dance.

Last night Simon and Jane Berry, together with their team of volunteers, staged a reception at the British Film Institute that was part celebration of achievements so far, and part update on future plans. Plus some mass engagement, courtesy of “Dr Dance” Peter Lovatt. He and Simon met at a Berlin TEDx event.

As you’ll see in the second of the videos here, Peter is a dancer turned psychologist, who now heads the Dance Pychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire. Fascinatating ideas and activities, which you’ll find on his site here.

Peter got everyone to put down their drinks and follow through the routine he devised, as you’ll see in the third video … then did a further demonstration with a smaller group so we had something that would enable anyone to learn the dance and perform it for themselves. Might it make Strictly Come Dancing? Maybe. Stanger things have happened.

Finally Simon and Jane gave me an update on progress towards trials in Zambia, which you can also read about here. While you are on site do join the Facebook group, donate or otherwise help the campaign along. I have to declare an interest – I’ve known Simon and Jane for many years, since their time at Ruralnet, and I can’t think of anyone who more deserves to succeed in an initiative that could save thousands of lives by linking corporate distribution power with low-cost health products.You can read the background story here.

As Simon explained, one in five children in Africa die before their fifth birthday, and this could be avoided with better distribution of medicines. If you had a million pounds and the task of distributing medicines in urban areas, you could do something. When the tasks is to get to hundreds of isolated villages, the only univeral systems are operated by local entrepreneurs distributing Coke. Negotiating how the Aidpods can be carried from source to mothers is highly complex – it isn’t just a matter of convincing Cocal-Cola it is a good idea … there has to be value for everyone along the chain.

Simon and Jane are planning another trip to Zambia in the New Year. I can’t wait to see some local interpretations of the Colalife Dance on their blog.

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    Hi David – first to press as always!

    Thanks for your relentless support. Much appreciated. I’ll be following with blog post on the ColaLife website before the end of the day.

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