Round-up of my recent posts on Big Society

Much of my blogging in recent months has been around Big Society, Our Society and other ideas about local social action and community empowerment. I’ve been using the platform with a group at as a place to do that, because it makes it easy to clip and comment on other people’s posts. Here’s a round up of recent items.

Connecting #bigsociety? Bring in the young social reporters
Reporting with a group of young social reporters provides inspiration for the way local Big Society stories and experience might be connected

Enthusiasm about ideas makes conversation possible
Graeme Tiffany says that if someone you don’t trust says something you agree with that doesn’t make it a bad idea.

Government #bigsociety will fail unless we can tell #oursociety stories, not theirs.
In London Government Minister Tim Laughton says he doesn’t understand Big Society. In Cumbria local people are are buzzing with energy around their projects.

Transparency in #bigsociety: how about open sourcing the bid for community organiser training?
The terms of the contract to train community organisers will be published after it is let. Why not develop ideas in the open from the start?

More detail on #bigsociety community organising
Terms of a contract to train community organisers are now available, thanks to an Urban Forum briefing

The @youthnetuk debate brings healthy dissent to #bigsociety. More please.
A debate organised by YouthNet briefing lively discussion between Steve Moore of Big Society Network and Anna Coote of New Economics Foundation

The #bigsociety realities of organising volunteers
Youth clubs face cuts in Berkshire. Organisers Jennie Denton explains how difficult it is to recruit volunteers

Mapping the Big Society territory
Ideas on how to view the overlapping ideas of Big Society, Civil Society, Our Society and more.

A start towards networking #oursociety – not just London #bigsociety
Big Society in the North are developing the idea of Our Society, to network people already engaged in local social action.

#bigsociety empowerment in speeches, and Shoreditch stories
Big Society is about a shift of power to the lower levels of social institutions and organising

UnLtd gets behind Big Society community-level enterprise
UnLtd launched a new strategy which will see it focus on creating more community-based entrepreneurs as part of the Big Society

Big Ideas for #bigsociety – how about an innovation hub?
Dotgovlabs is shortly launching a technology innovation hub. How about a nontech version for Big Society?

Convening Big Society
There is no neutral ground to discuss Big Society, even if you are in London

NESTA Neighbourhood Challenge: one year, £150,000, be innovative
NESTA offers the first new money for Big Society developments. 10 communities will get about £150,000 each

Big Local Trust will support local #bigsociety action

A new trust set up by the Big Lottery Fund will support local action.

#bigsociety needs co-design, and membership. Who will lead?
An RSA-NCVO event is discussing the role of membership organisations in Big Society. Maybe Big Society needs members.

Lessons from regeneration
Observations from Julian Dobson were prompted by the failures of developer-led physical regeneration

Call for Reformers from @natwei. The #bigsociety movement?
Lord Nat Wei calls for a new wave of social reformers

Respublica advocates local community commissioning hubs
Think tank Respublica launched the report The Civil Effect: Bringing efficiency, innovation and community capability to our framework of public services commissioning.

Reflections on local social innovation
Paul Slatter provides a full report of discussions following Geoff Mulgan’s recent Chamberlain Lecture in Birmingham

Three questions to help create a Big Society story
Justin Kirby tackles the issue of how to develop a more engaging story – or set of stories – about Big Society.

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