The Naked Council: designing local services from scratch

Localgovcamp last week was even better than I expected, and I was so wrapped up in the many discussions I rather neglected my reporting. Fortunately Michele Ide-Smith was live blogging, and has given us a mini-wrapup here with further links. I’ll just repeat my thanks to Anke Holst and Hadley Beeman for organising, and offer this chat with Anthony Zacharzewski of The Democratic Society, who gave me a preview of his session on The Naked Council.

Anthony hastened to explain that no nudity would be involved: rather he wanted to start a discussion on what it would be like if we started from scratch in thinking about the services we really need at local level – rather than central – and the ways that we could deliver them.

The idea is to develop a project over the coming months that would work this through in some detail with different interests, online and off,  and then have a big get-together at the end. Anthony has worked in Treasury, Cabinet Office and Brighton and Hove, so the whole thing should be enlightening as well as fun.

Michele liveblogged the session, and Anthony has also posted his slides. You can sign up here for more information about the programme.

If you are interested in these issues, you might like to apply for a ticket to a seminar with Consumer Focus on how to ensure that the consumer interest is placed at the heart of the design and delivery of digital public services so that they are more efficient, accessible and better quality. Details of the project here, with more from Lauren Ivory here on how to apply.

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