Lloyd Davis becomes a social artist in collaboration

I’m so pleased to see that Lloyd Davis of Tuttle Club fame will be working at the Centre for Creative Collaboration, and doubly pleased that he is being called Social Artist in Residence. It’s a terms I first heard from Etienne Wenger a year or so back, applied to people “who can create a space where people can find their own sense of learning citizenship”. Lovely term, for a lovely guy. Now … anyone like a social reporter in residence?

Update: Tessy Britton asks: Do social artists need patronage?


  • January 26, 2010 - 12:32 am | Permalink

    Hi David

    Thanks for your interview with Lloyd and reporting on ‘Social Artistry’.

    I’ve written about it and posted an Audioboo which has more information on the project here: http://bit.ly/7PzPO8

    Kind regards


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    Thanks Brian – I see from the post that you are hosting Tuttle on Feb 5. Presuming that’s at the Centre at 16 Acton Street, Camden. As usual just search #tuttle on Twitter to check, I guess.

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