Video of Monkeys with Typewriters seminar

As expected, I enjoyed Jemima Gibbons seminar last night on her book Monkeys with Typewriters. I experimented using the Qik video streaming iPhone app, and captured most of the event as it happened, then did a short interview afterwards.
You can see the videos that I streamed here. It worked reasonably well, except that on the iPhone SMS messages pop up with a preview that you can’t completely turn off, and it stopped the camera. This happened a couple of times, and the camera also went into stand-by a few times too.
I posted this to the Qik Get Satisfaction site, and was very impressed to get a response a few minutes later. Unfortunately it looks as if the problem is here for a bit.

There’s no way to turn iPhone messaging off completely that I can find, so Qik on the iPhone is pretty useless as a serious socialreporting tool. There’s no point getting into an interview and having to say: “sorry can we do that again, my wife’s just asked me to do some shopping on the way home”. Or whatever. I guess I’ll just have to revert to normal video and subsequent upload, revert to the Nokia N82 or text friends to say please don’t interupt.
Anyway, enough of the technical problems. After the interview I chatted to Jemima about the possibility of using some of the ideas in the book more interactively. The chapter headings are Co-Creation, Passion, Learning, Openness, Listening, and Generosity: the key behaviours that social media can help support (and I guess things that make you a Good Person or Receptive Company).
Maybe we could work up some sort of health check or evaluation tool: Are You Ready for Social Media? If they score highly it’s a good opening for some social media consultancy or training, if they score low, do you want to know them anyway?

Update: found the same camera problem with Bambuser. I’m still experimenting with Ustream Broadcaster.


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    Sorry David but would you mind using full “monkeyswithtypewriters” tag rather than “mwt” as that one kind of fell a bit dead in the water. Cheers!

  • February 5, 2010 - 12:41 am | Permalink

    Hi David
    interesting sounding book and useful practical feedback about the Qik app – is the implication that the same applies to any equivalent app? I’m using ustream broadcaster so will see whether I get sms interference

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    Hi Mark – let us know you get on with ustream. Apparently the problem is that Apple won’t let these apps use the camera so they sort-of scrape the screen (don’t know what the tech term is), and if anything pops up it kills the process

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