Media coaches game a digital neighbourhood

I’m at the EuroMeduc conference in Bellaria, Italy, which is proving a great opportunity to meet a range of teachers, researchers, librarians and policy people interested in media literacy … which is helping people gain access, understand and use different media.

I’m contributing by running a couple of workshops using a version of the social media game developed earlier in the year with Ed Klute, who runs a network for media coaches around Europe. The coaches work part time in schools, libraries, and public services including police and health to help their colleagues use Internet tools and other social media. They are at the sharp end of media literacy – as Ed says, it no good having lots of policy and programmes if people in the classroom can’t deliver. First-hand support may be better than courses.

We’ve just played a version of the social media game where we take a neighbourhood with a range of social problems and see how various media projects – represented on cards – might help. There a full description of the earlier workshop here – together with the cards.

I wanted to post about this session because it’s a chance to make connections with the many programmes now developing in the UK at local level, and also to show first hand the sorts of ideas the media coaches came up with.

Internet access is a bit flaky here, so I’m first going to post the video I shot at the start, then update on the report backs later. As you’ll see I asked Peter de Groot to explain the work of the media coaches.

The Social by Social version of the game at Reboot Britain and at Net Tuesday. Framework developed with Drew Mackie, social media by Beth Kanter and others since.

The cards we used are here

Update: here the reports from groups after playing the game

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