Ruralnet ceases trading

Ruralnet|uk has been one of the most innovative nonprofit organisations I’ve worked with over the past 10 years or so, but that’s no proof against the recession, and they have just announced they will cease trading this week.

The Staff and Trustees put considerable effort into securing new funding streams for 2009, but in the current economic climate have been unable to generate sufficient income to enable the organisation to continue.

‘Steps were taken to reduce the size of ruralnet|uk early in 2009 as over the previous two years the infrastructure had grown drawing significantly on reserves. With the reduced reserves and a lack of significant new projects, ruralnet uk can no longer continue and so we have had to take the decision to close.’

We have made arrangements for the smooth transition of current projects to other organisations.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported ruralnet over the years, attended conferences and events and has helped us connect, collaborate and enthuse about technology and its application to a wide variety of organisations and individuals over the years.

As I wrote here, Ruralnet embraced Web 2.0 technology and approaches, after pioneering easier systems in the 1990s. I understand some of the staff are creating a smaller organisation to carry some of those services forward.


  • Rob Mannion
    July 30, 2009 - 11:32 am | Permalink

    Hi David, many thanks for your huge support to ruralnet|uk over the years. For my part it has been a pleasure to be associated to an organisation which has been at the forefront of developing new technologies benefiting communities, across all walks of life. Plans are in motion to ensure the very best of the Web 2.0 knowledge and experience will not be lost and will continue to provide services to existing and new partners – watch this space…

  • August 9, 2009 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

    That is indeed a great shame and somehow this news totally passed me by.

    Hope all those involved at Ruralnet are ok, and that new ventures are successful. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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