Twittermobbing Trafalgar Square for Colalife

If you are in central London this afternoon with a little time to spare, I suggest … no, urge you …. to pop along to Trafalgar Square and support the amazing Colalife campaign, which I’ve written about before. Simon Berry, family,  and many, many friends are organising a Twittermob rally to celebrate the appearance of the giant aidpod on the fourth plinth. Full explanation here.
Brief recap: about one in five children in Africa dies before they are five because of lack of basic medicines; just about the only outfit with a distribution system to every village is Coca-Cola; the campaign has designed a mini aidpod of medicines to fit into crates; Coca-Cola is talking.
Today at 3pm Russell Tanner will use his part in the One and Other project,  under which a different person occupies the plinth every hour for 24 hours over 100 days, to put the pod on the plinth… and no doubt do a little more to keep us amused.

I took a look around recently with this video, and will be reporting later in the day.
The giant aidpod was constructed in Sheffield for just such a promotional opportunity, and for the last few weeks has had a home at NESTA as you can see above.

If you can’t make it to the Square, there a live stream here, and a wealth of suggestions here on how to connect online. #twittermob tweets are already flooding in, and Sarah Brown has added her support from No 10.

Oh, and if you do make it, wear something red to be supportive and sociable. Like everything else associated with Colalife, it’s going to be fun!

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