Social by Social book launched. And content is free.

We had a terrific launch of the Social by Social Handbook – previously trailed here – at the Reboot Britain event earlier this week. I’m only just catching up on all the connections made, and will post something more thoughtful later.
Meanwhile the content of the book about how to use Social Technology for Social Benefit – some 275 pages of it – is all available here on a holding site. You can order the print version, and we’ll shortly have pdfs to download. It’s all Creative Commons so you can freely use and remix the content.
The book was funded by NESTA, and written by Amy Sample Ward, Andy Gibson, me, and Nigel Courtney and Professor Clive Holtham of Cass Business School.
You can find out more on our blog, where there’s a report of the play of the Social by Social game. This time we were Saving Slaghampton.


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    Congratulations David, Andy and all. Looking forward to getting a copy (I agree, books are far from dead), promoting it and the possibility of repurposing content when we look at a uk community version of Message in a Box.

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    Oo you have comment moderation on. Looking forward to debating that one with you. First point – in a civil society we should extend trust to create trust. We are “innocent” unless proven guilty. When I work with people on social web stuff, I strongly encourage this approach. What say you dear David?

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    Hi Libby – sorry about the moderation … but deluged by spam. Maybe trust the people but not the spambots:-)
    And yes, love to see some repurposing. Aiming to do that ourselves too, once we get content up on a wiki.

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