Reboot Britain event launched: July 6

The Reboot Britain event that I trailed here is launched today with a tweet from organiser Steve Moore. You can sign up for the July 6 one-day event here … with price options ranging from £295 to free (if you are quick). There’s a pay-what-you-can option, with a recommended level of at least £30.

The booking site says:

An extraordinary one-day event which will take a totally different look at the challenges we face as a country and the new possibilities that – uniquely – this generation has to overcome them.

We face an unprecedented set of challenges: a decimated economy, ever increasing demands on our public services and trust in our political system at an all time low.

But instead of more pessimism, how can we begin to punch through the gloom and take advantage of the radically networked digital world we now live in to help revive our economy, rebuild our democratic structures and improve public services?

Unique format

Reboot Britain is a day-long event running from 9:30 to 6pm with a two-track format:

  • In the main lecture theatre there will be a non-stop series of high-impact presentations by leading politicians, technologists, entrepreneurs and commentators
  • In the surrounding rooms there will be participant-led sessions and practically-focussed workshops in response the main presentation themes in real-time

Ticket-holders will also be invited to an evening reception.

Reboot Britain replaces 2gether09 which was planned as a successor to 2gether08. I gather it proved too hard to get necessary sponsorship for a two-day event, and as the Reboot Britain pricing shows, it is now a much tougher events market.

The Reboot Britain event is backed by NESTA, as part of a larger project. They are promising an online publication of “10 viewpoints compiled by a series of distinguished contributors and edited by the economist and writer, Diane Coyle”.

Update: the event site is developing at Reboot Britain.

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