Join us for the Social by Social Game at Net Tuesday

If you are in London on June 2 evening with a couple of hours to spare, and an enthusiasm for exploring how to use social technology for social benefit, join us for a run of the Social by Social Game at Net Tuesday.

As organiser Amy Sample Ward explains here:

The Social by Social game is a fun session to help people explore how social technology can be used for social benefit: whether that’s by a nonprofit, a social innovation startup, within a neighbourhood, or across a community. We’ll invent some of those places, then challenge each other in groups to develop plans using a pack of specially-developed cards and other props. It will be a mix of collaboration and competition that should give you lots of practical ideas that you can use in your own projects.

We facilitated a version of this game recently at SHINE09 and have put our heads together to continue making the game better and better.   Here’s how a version of the game ran at SHINE09.

The game will be run by me, Amy and Andy Gibson, and we’ll also give you news of the Social by Social handbook we have  written, with Cass Business School, for NESTA. We’ve already trailed 45 propositions from the book, which will also be available online under a Creative Commons license. That means we’ll be encouraging people to take the contents of the book and rework it to suit specific situations.

Our aim is to link the game to the book content… so after developing your social technology plan in outline during the game, you can use the Social by Social content to follow through. The game is Creative Commons to.

So we hope to see you on 2 June for London Net Tuesday!

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