Rebooting Britain project and event announced

Details are emerging from NESTA of Reboot Britain, a project to “take a top-to-bottom look at the challenges we face as a
country and the new possibilities that – uniquely – this generation has to overcome them”.

Rohan Gunatillake writes:

As summer approaches the UK is in the midst of an unprecedented economic and political crisis.

The cumulative impact of a near-collapse of the financial system, the ongoing recession, the MPs’ expenses scandal and the prospect of years of cuts in public expenditure are creating an alarming climate of public anger, pessimism and mistrust in public institutions.

But instead of more pessimism, can we really look at how we can punch through the gloom? And in particular, how can we take advantage of the radically networked digital world we now live in to help revive our economy, rebuild our democratic structures and improve public services?

Reboot Britain is a major new project, which will take a top-to-bottom look at the challenges we face as a country and the new possibilities that – uniquely – this generation has to overcome them.

The project will be launched in June with the online publication of Reboot Britain – 10 viewpoints compiled by a series of distinguished contributors and edited by the economist and writer, Diane Coyle.

This will be followed by an event, designed in collaboration with partners and participants.

You can follow Reboot Britain on Twitter, and since Steve Moore is involved I should think there’s a strong association with plans for what was to be 2gether09 in July. It appears we are due for a full report from Lord Carter on Digital Britain at around that time … with more bottom-up input from reports of the DB Unconferences, where you’ll find other useful links.

Update: the date for Rebooting Britain is July 6 2009, in central London, with free/low cost tickets. More details next week.

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