Fun unconferencing at SHINE09

I had great fun at the SHINE09 unconference for social entrepreneurs last Friday and Saturday, first with a little light social reporting and then helping run the Social Collaboration Game, which I wrote about earlier.
The social reporting was light for me because there were far more video cameras around than last year, and much more Twittering… but I did do a few interviews including a particularly interesting one with Ben Metz, leaving Ashoka after three years as UK director. We talked about some of the issues raised at the UK Carnegie Trust seminar on civil society associations. He hopes to see the rise of mutualism.
I’ve blogged a full report of the game here, including downloads of the cards we used. Briefly, about 40 people for two hours inhabited a fictitious borough rather like East London in 2010, developing project ideas for neighbourhood renewal, mixing in some social tech from the cards ideas, and pitching to the the new Tory Minister for Civil Society (otherwise Cliff Prior CEO of Unltd) and council leader Jess Tyrrell (of conference organisers Germination).
There was a flurry of excitement on Twitter when Cliff announced a new empowerment fund developed from refunds of MP’s expenses …. but unfortunately it didn’t survive game end. Unless …

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