How anyone can be a social (video) reporter

One of the delights of SHINE09 for me was to find so many more people this year using video to capture some great conversations, and show the potential of social media first hand. One of those was Felix Gonzales of Youandiskills who was, in effect, creating an archive of the event as part of his mission to use video to inspire and help people share ideas. I showed Felix my use of audio recording with the Audioboo iPhone app.


I then bumped into Angela Dove, who I had been talking to a few weeks before about use of video in her work in facilitation, and with museum, libraries and galleries. I enthused then about the use of small Flip cameras … and how they make it easy for anyone to be a social reporter. What better way to demonstrate this than than giving Angela my camera for an hour and seeing how she felt it worked? Here’s the result:

Me offering Angela the Flip video camera

Angela interviewing Harry Leckstein of Freeport records

Iris Lapinski of Zeitgeist Advisors

Johnnie Moore, facilitator

Angela reporting on her experience

I think it is fair to say that the Flip – and other similar cameras – make it really easy to carry out interviews. There’s a flip-out USB connector that makes it easy to transfer video to your computer, and upload to YouTube. There’s a bit more time involved if – as here – you want to embed the video in a blog. And even more time if you take the trouble to listen through and extract key points for the blog. I’ve skipped that bit here … but I can recommed listening to the interviews.

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