The delights of social reporting teamwork

I’ve just had an exhausting few days social reporting at the National Digital Inclusion Conference as you can see from this dashboard of activity … except it wasn’t exhausting at all. It was a delight.
That was in part because we had the luxury of a whole team of reporters including Dave Briggs, Clare White, Tim Davies and Michael Grimes, plus People’s Voice Media from Manchester doing interviews, and We Share Stuff from Birmingham running a version of their social media clinic.
It was also because our social reporting client and champions were Helen Milner and Anne Faulkner of UK online centres. As you can see from those links on the network they joined in blogging, commenting and also Twittering … as well ensuring we had tight co-ordination with Robin Knowles and his team at Civic Agenda, the organisers. Civic took my recommendation for Richard Jolly and Diarmaid Lynch to provide their live streaming … and as expected it was brilliant, with the addition of quite amazing real-time text from a court-room stenographer. Here’s Richard explaining how it was done:


I won’t give a detailed explanation of what we did, because you can see it on the dashboard, with links to the blog, Ning network, and lots more.
We did a lot of planning beforehand with Anne, which meant we were able to give reporters a clear brief at the start of the first day and then just rely on their energy and creativity to get things done. However, it wouldn’t have worked without Dave Briggs’ unflapable performance as anchor-person, uploading the videos we gave him while blogging, Twittering and generally entertaining anyone who passed.
That meant I was able to wander about checking how things were going, picking up some stories, including first details of how the digital mentor programme will be run by the Media Trust. Kindof social editor.
We’ll be pulling stuff on to the main blog from the network, and keeping that going as a space for conversations on digital engagement. Do join us. Oh, and if you want a real-world perspective on digital inclusion, take a look at the voice from the street vox pops shot by We Share Stuff.

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  • Rhys
    April 29, 2009 - 11:17 pm | Permalink

    Well done Dave. Does that make you the new Anchorman? And are you any good at jazz flute?

    Seriously though, well done to the reporting team.

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