Social reporting digital inclusion, collaboratively

Next Monday and Tuesday I’m part of the social reporting team at the National Digital Inclusion Conference in London, and thinking I should write a piece on the benefits SR can bring. Fortunately fellow reporter Clare White has done it already, over on the digital engagement network we have linked to the event.
Clare highlights – among other things – supporting more networking, connecting different viewpoints, informal learning, ensuring more voices are heard, and moving ideas to action.
We have benefitted enormously from having UK online centres as our client and champion, with Helen Milner and Anne Faulkner not just instructing but leading through Twitter, our blog and the network. Just to demonstrate the point, Anne has saved me rounding up our plans by posting them here, including ways you can join in online.
If you are in London, but not attending the main event, do come along to the free fringe on Monday evening. That’s organised by Stuart Parker and the team from Birmingham, who will be running a social media surgery at the conference.
All of which demonstrates another aspect of social reporting. Instead of looking for the exclusive, you are delighted when fellow reporters get there first. Or indeed anyone else – so do join us on the network, which will continue after the event as a sociable space for exploring digital engagement. There’s some great posts there, and on the blog … making me wonder what role there will be for “reporters” next year, if people are so good at doing it for themselves. Social editors, maybe.

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