Grass roots inspiration from graduating social entrepreneurs

While the world’s media and 50 top bloggers of G20voice were covering the G20 talks in London, I was at a more modest gathering of people talking about ways to tackle the social problems of the world. I think the stories I heard at the graduation day for the School for Social Entrepreneurs may have been more interesting … apart perhaps from Simon Berry’s scoop with Bob Geldorf on the Pope, Condoms and Colalife.

I first asked Nick Temple for a quick run down on the event as you can hear, and then during the tea break talked to several of the 40 social entrepreneurs who had been making presentations.

Max Graef from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

Max Graef of RadioActive explained how they have been installing low-cost radio stations in Cameroon, Chad and other places around the world, giving people access to information – and a voice – they could not have otherwise. Watch to the end to find how how got the best hat in the room.

Amanda Trought from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

Amanda Trought developed Reality Arts as a way of providing affordable creative sessions for individuals who have health issues they are trying to tackle. I was fascinated by the way that she is helping people with various forms of dementia develop art works, then putting then online so carers, family and friends can see what is being achieved. Amanda explains how that creates a new loop of  communications and engagement helping everyone involved.

Audra McKenzie from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

Audra McKenzie has one of the more imaginative project title – Mop Shop ‘N’ Nibbles. They are creating a social and ethical community space in Newham committed to child and family wellbeing.

Video interview about Front-Line removed on request.

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