World entrepreneur summit update

The World Entrepreneur Summit on Friday March 20 is attracting about 250 people, ranging from the European chairman of Microsoft, to a social enterprise working with local agencies Africa to pepare resources before potential disasters. I’m social reporting on the day, and wanted a quick update from organiser Rebecca Harding. It seemed like a good opportunity to try out Call Recorder with Skype.
As you’ll hear, we covered why entrepreneurs want to get together (networking, finding a collective voice, influencing policy), what keeps them awake at night (big opportunities as well as the usual business problems), and what happens after the summit. Rebecca’s aim is to help develop a worldwide society for any type of entrepreneur.
You can join in online at the networking site, and also still register for the event here. If you can’t afford the full cost, there’s an option to just make a donation … so it is inclusive as well as enterprising.

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  • Marty
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