Women entrepreneurs may be less fazed by the crisis

As I mentioned before, I’ll be socialreporting from the World Entrepreneur Society Summit in London next Friday, so I’m delighted to see activity warming up on Crowdvine … led by managing director Rebecca Harding who set up the site. It’s great when clients take the controls, as Ken Thompson advocates.
Rebecca poses the question: Are women entrepreneurs less fazed by the crisis and gives a taster of the report she’ll be presenting:

Results from a major survey of 1800 growth-oriented entrepreneurs that will be presented at WES on the 20th March suggest that women entrepreneurs are less fazed by recessionary pressures than men. Nearly two thirds of men are worried about the macroeconomic climate compared to just over 50% of women, and men are also more likely to be worrying about their credit profile, about cashflow, profitability, sales, managing teams and accessing finance than women.

Steve Brant has a great set of links (including the FT) on Proof Free Market Capatalism is Dead, and  KaosPilot Kwela Sabine Hermanns is asking What is a world-changing project?

Team 2 of KaosPilots Netherlands will go on outpost next year. We are looking for an exciting part of the world with an extremely challenging project to work on.

The idea is to take our Social Entrepreneurship school into a new socio-economic and cultural context.

If you think you have a project that could qualify please share.

What elements do you think a project that makes a change in the world should have?

If you would like to join me and get a free pass in exchange for doing some video and blogging, contact me here. Otherwise you can join the online network here, and sign up for WES Summit here.

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