Reporting socially from sunny Lisbon

I’m in Lisbon this week, where my Portugal-based friend and co-social reporter Bev Trayner has brought me into her small team reporting an event celebrating eight years of the European EQUAL programme. It’s called Powering a New Future, and you can see the blog we are developing here.

As you can see in the video, it is a lavish venue, and – best of all – we have a corner with power, wifi and plenty of coffee.

At the moment I’m pretty busy posting to the conference blog, but I hope to find time later for some reflections on what works (or not) in reporting this sort of event. What certainly does help is that we are very fortunate in working side-by-side with Richard Jolly (pictured) and his team, who have some serious kit and a group of interviewers doing more formal interviewers. It frees us up to look for stories, conversations ands insights.

I first met Richard when he worked with us at 2gether08, doing a fantastic job of live streaming the event, and I hope we can something together again soon. Lightweight social reporting is great … and even better if someone else is doing the heavy-duty capture work.

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