What works for nonprofits on the Net

Last night we had another great Net Tuesday meetup in London, this time looking at what online tools work in what situations for nonprofit organisations. It was organised by Amy Sample Ward, who I interviewed a couple of months back about her plans to bring the mainly-US Netsquared activities to the UK.

The session last night certainly worked well, with groups first looking at blogs, Twitter, bookmarking, videos and the like, and then pooling their finding. I asked Amy for a roundup at the end, which you can see above.

For a full report take a look at Amy’s blog, with a link to photos of the discussion sheets. The next Net Tuesday is on January 6 – details here.

Part of the discussion focussed on the recent US presidential election, and how the way that the Obama campaign had used the Net seems to mark a real change. Clay Shirky had talked about that earlier in the day

At the Net Tuesday event I had my Macbook with a portable videobooth loaded (courtesy of Best Before Media Videoboo software) and used that  to interview Miko Coffey on the significance of the campaign. More shortly on my experiments with Videoboo, which I started at Chain Reaction.

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